Brick Work

ADU Report

Please Note: Due to the extensive research and work that goes into making the best report for you. We are only able to do an ADU report in limited communities. Please check map below and look for your community.

*Reports can take up to 3 business days to process

What’s Included In Your Report

ADU reports include multiple scenarios for build types.

Build Scenarios

Build Scenarios will create a version of your lot that includes a description of what is possible with your land.

3D Revit Massing

3D model of the proposed scenario which has been created in subdivision surfaces, with an accurate and detailed resolution.

Maximum Buildable Footage

The maximum building area that can be developed on a parcel.

Height & Set Back Limits

Restrictions on height and setbacks based on the zone of your property.

Parking Requirements

The minimum required parking per unit based on location.

Max Units

The maximum number of rentable units your property can hold.